RPI Evaluates Community Pharmacy Pilot Projects

RPI has been engaged by the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia to complete evaluations of two different demonstration projects that test how care is provided in community pharmacies in Nova Scotia. The Optimize my Medications project is focused on pharmacist support for deprescribing some medications. The Collaborative Hypertension Management Project supports management of patients with high blood pressure in community pharmacy. RPI’s evaluation planning work on these projects (completed in 2022) included:

  • Working with a multi-stakeholder project working group (with representation from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, PANS, Doctors Nova Scotia and others) to support evaluation planning and implementation.
  • Developing project logic models.
  • Identifying evaluation questions.
  • Developing comprehensive evaluation matrices with indicators.
  • Developing data collection tools (e.g., focus group guides, surveys, databases).
  • Developing evaluation implementation plans.

RPI will be conducting the interim (process) evaluation for both projects in early 2023. This will involve collecting data, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, and reporting on evaluation findings from all lines of evidence. Both evaluations include collecting and analyzing extensive patient clinical data and administrative data and reporting on indicators for process measures such as visits and time spent on project activities, as well as outcomes such as access to care, patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes for patients, collaboration between health care providers, and satisfaction of health care providers. A final evaluation of both projects will be conducted in late 2023.