Project Management and Partnership Development

Project Management

We have extensive experience in all aspects of project management across various sectors and clients. We offer flexible and comprehensive project management services that help support project success. The RPI team has managed projects related to strategic and action planning, consultation, research and evaluation, health system planning, and program, policy, and model development.

Our services include:

  • defining project objectives and scope and creating project documents such as project charters;
  • developing detailed project plans that include timelines, deliverables, and responsibilities;
  • defining roles and responsibilities for stakeholders involved in the project including creating terms of reference;
  • managing budgets;
  • planning and facilitating meetings with groups involved in the project;
  • identifying risks and developing plans to reduce or address risk; and
  • developing and implementing monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

Our philosophy: If those who execute the work are also involved in planning it, they execute more efficiently, identify obstacles earlier, and work better together—all requirements for successful project teams.

Partnership Development

Our wide range of projects in the public, private, and voluntary sectors has given us the ability to identify common objectives, which are essential to successful partnerships. Innovative thinking, organizational alignment, consensus-building, and trust are the fabric of our approach to building environments in which collaboration and dialogue can take place.

We also help clients develop partnership terms and guiding principles that serve as a blueprint for transparency, communication, commitment, and a shared vision of success.

Sample Projects

The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness hired RPI to provide project management support for the implementation of the new Human Organ and Tissue Donation Act. We began by creating a detailed project plan with timelines, accountabilities, and dependencies. We communicated with all stakeholders to report on project progress. We also identified risks and proposed strategies to avoid or mitigate those risks. We captured and shared information across stakeholder groups, built relationships with stakeholders in the department, Communications Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the IWK Health Centre, and others, and we supported several working groups implementing the project.

We were hired to support the development of the Workplace Safety Action Plan for Nova Scotia’s Health and Community Services Sectors. Our work consisted of managing the project as well as completing project deliverables:

  • a comprehensive multi-faceted environmental scan;
  • consultations with stakeholders from across Nova Scotia;
  • an evaluation framework; and
  • the final action plan (working with five working groups).

Our project management role and partnership development role included

  • supporting project governance committees (Steering Committee and an Advisory Committee) with meeting agendas, materials and minutes;
  • managing the project budget;
  • identifying risks and mitigation strategies;
  • liaising regularly with the many organizations and individuals involved in the work (government departments and agencies, non-profit organizations, private companies, clients and families, health authorities, etc.); and
  • ensuring deliverables were completed on time and reporting on deliverable status.