Evaluation Training for Physical Activity Practitioners Course

Clare Levin, RPI Partner, developed and delivered evaluation training for physical activity practitioners across Canada on behalf of the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI) throughout 2021 and 2022. This 5-session virtual training course included both synchronous (live online meetings) and asynchronous (e.g., videos, supplementary materials) learning opportunities. Almost 200 physical activity practitioners across Canada participated.

An evaluation of the course found that it was highly effective in increasing knowledge, skills and confidence in conducting evaluations. Read the full evaluation report for more on the impact of the course.

“This course has given me a renewed confidence in my capability to conduct an evaluation for projects I’m involved in, or to prepare an evaluation plan for those I’m proposing.”


“The course had a strong overall value. Resources provided in advance were very helpful/useful, overview from presentations helped support their context, small group work was great for bouncing ideas and recaps helped to see other perspectives. It was well organized and continued to build upon previous learnings, which helped to bring it all together. Thank you for this!”


CFLRI hopes to eventually provide the course content in a self-serve format to provide continued support to physical activity practitioners in planning and conducting evaluations. See the CFLRI website for more information.