Study/Discussion Group: Foundations for Creating Cultures of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Evaluation

In her role as a board member of the Nova Scotia Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES-NS), RPI Partner Clare Levin is helping to organize a study/discussion group offered by CES-NS in 2021-22 to provide Atlantic Canadian evaluators with supported learning to understand and use evaluation as a tool for decolonization, equity and sustainability.

“CES recognizes that evaluators have a role to play in addressing systemic issues that affect people’s lives. Evaluators are in a position to influence the decisions of governments, non-governmental organizations, and other key service providers whose actions affect our daily realities. CES considers it part of our mandate to support evaluators in dismantling systemic and structural oppression and is actively working towards modelling inclusion, encouraging diverse perspectives and learning new ways to acknowledge and address the struggles of historically oppressed communities” (Canadian Evaluation Society).

As a CES chapter, CES-NS wants to contribute to supporting members across Atlantic Canada as we collectively learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion and apply changes to our practice.

  • Who: CES members from Atlantic Canada
  • When: 3-4:30 pm Atlantic, last Friday of every month, September 2021 to June 2022 (first session is Friday, September 24)
  • Where: Zoom (we also encourage local evaluators to gather in person in their home communities if possible)
  • What: Each meeting will cover a topic in one of the modules from the CES self-study course Foundations for Creating Cultures of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Evaluation. Participants will review the module in advance of the session (approximately 30-60 minutes of preparation time) and then have an opportunity to discuss questions and reflections in the peer study group. In addition, we will integrate the concepts of climate justice and anti-racism into our discussions, and hope to hear from BIPOC evaluators about their experiences, perspectives and approaches. There will be opportunities for networking, special guests, and fun!

For more information, please contact Clare Levin (CES-NS Board Member) at To register for this study group, please go to